Liberal Tyranny has taken over our public libraries.  
Citizens must take them back!

If not for ourselves, do it for
the children of tomorrow.

You can make a difference.....spread the word, censorship must be eliminated.

Make a list of book resources from the resource page of this website, and then order these books at your local library.  You should also ask everyone who has an interest in this subject to do the same.  Libraries must secure the books the public is interested in reading.   This simple activity will make a big difference.


  1.  Visit your public libraries, school libraries and local book stores (or their web sites), then search for SAME SEX ATTRACTION to determine the censorship exists.   It would be a good idea to then document the censorship by either by printing the results to paper or a computer file as evidence.  *
  2. View the mission statement or policies of the library or book store regarding censorship, document these results as well.
  3. Contact the library officials to make them aware of the censorship.    Provide them with the list of books from the resource page.  In the case of book stores, talk to the manager and make them aware of the problem.  NOTE:  It has been noted that the book COMING OUT STRAIGHT by Richard Cohen was not in the “gay” and lesbian section, rather in self help.  If you notice books in the wrong category, let the manager know so he can get permission from corporate headquarters to relocate the book.
  4.  Insist all the web sites listed be added to any other web site resource on the subject of homosexuality at all libraries.
  5. Insist that at least 25% of the books in the library contain information that would be useful for persons not happy with the gay lifestyle or confused about the origins of their Same Sex Attraction.  NOTE: Take care to note this information is for people with unwanted Same Sex Attraction and is in no way meant to criticize those who are perfectly happy being “gay” or lesbian.
  6. If the library refuses to make this information available, contact the local government or school board in charge of the library.  Once they need are informed of the censorship and the library's refusal to include additional information, appropriate action should follow.  NOTE: There is a possibility that people may be dismissed for failing to follow an established mission statement.  This would not be any different from what anyone else would encounter for failing to do the job they were  hired to do.
  7. Inform your schools, churches, synagogues and friends about the censorship.  Start petitions, contact the media, do an e-mail campaign or whatever means necessary to get the world out.   This is critical since every day, people are funneled into believing they have no choice which is simply not true.
  8. Contact your local and state governments that fund organizations designed to assist children & young adults regarding the subject of homosexuality.  Insist that all funding be contingent upon such organizations offering a fair balance of information.  The normal practice today is to inform anyone with an attraction to the same sex they are “gay” or lesbian which is just not true.  By eliminating censorship, choice, self determination, acceptance and diversity will truly be established.

* Documentation is a good idea as it may someday be evidence in a liability lawsuit.

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